Our Mission

At HAKU Massage and Wellness we always strive for excellence and quality to give you the client the best massage and treatment possible!

Therapist Profiles

Picture of Hiro


Spa Massage Therapist

Has more than 8 years experience in the massage industry working in both Australia and Japan. She has a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy as well as Certificates in Thai Yoga Massage and Hot Stone Massage. Hiromi specialises in a combination of different massage styles including Shiatsu (Japanese style), Balinese and Thai. She also holds beauty college qualifications from Japan and is able to provide facial, manicure and pedicure treatments that leave you feeling refreshed and looking great. Hiromi has always been passionate about health and wellbeing and uses her extensive knowledge of massage to relax your body and rejuvenate your mind. She really is a highlight at HAKU massage and won’t make you go away feeling disappointed. Book Hiromi now to have a truly unforgettable massage.

Picture of Koko


Massage Therapist

Has 6 years professional experience in Thai Yoga massage. She also holds certificates in Balinese massage and Hot stone massage and currently she is studying Diploma of Remedial Massage. Konomi has a well established knowledge of Eastern methodologies in treating your skin and body to a healthy balance. Her knowledge base comes from extensive industry experience in Japan where she has worked with pressure point training and specialist Japanese massage techniques. Konomi has amazingly healing hands and her aim for treatment has always been to focus on the body as an interconnected whole, leaving nothing untreated. She provides a full body massage that stimulates deep relaxation and soothes your stresses away. Konomi has had a truly great reputation with her previous clients before us and is well worth booking into if you value professional service with quality results. (Koko is available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Picture of Jen


Remedial Massage Therapist

Jen graduated from TAFE SA as a remedial massage therapist in 2014. With well-rounded practical experiences in different forms of full range of massage techniques. She provides clients with feeling of rest and relaxation experience. Believe in the Art of Touch can truly increase innner positive energy and healing benefits. She is a member of AAMT. Health fund rebates are available with her remedial massage except Medibank Private. (Jen is available on Saturday)

Picture of Toru


Traditional Japanese Massage (ANMA) Therapist

Toru completed his training in Advanced Physical Therapy from Kyoto Prefectural School for the Blind in Japan. Toru has the ability, through his sense of feeling and touch, to provide relief and relaxation to his clients. His calm intuitive and sensitive manner creates a relaxed environment and a sense of well-being for the client. Toru specializes in Japanese traditional massage (Anma, Shiatsu) and also holds qualifications in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion. He has a great sensitivity in his techniques, using his ability of touch to locate painful knots and areas of tension in muscles while adjusting pressure to suit the client's needs. His massage therapy aims to increase blood flow to the muscles, deep tissues and joints with the aim to heal muscle aches and pains, bring relaxation and emotional healing. Toru uses his knowledge and experience of Oriental medicine to stimulate the body's natural ability to self-heal. Toru is keen to meet you!

Picture of Ritsuko (Jo)

Ritsuko (Jo)

Remedial Massage Therapist

Ritsuko (Jo), a member of AMT (Association of Massage Therapist), is a qualified remedial massage therapist with over 4 years of experience. Jo loves meeting new clients and working with them to improve their health. She takes an informed and evidence-based approach to ensure that her treatments are well rounded and functional for each of her clients. Jo is able to adjust the pressure and use of techniques for trigger point treatment, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, relaxation massage as well as remedial massage. Jo is very excited to continue her education in massage therapy to add more techniques to her already impressive range of abilities. Health fund rebates are available with her remedial massage. (Jo is available on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday)

Picture of Aki


Remedial Massage Therapist

Aki is a qualified remedial massage therapist with over 8 years of experience. Trained in Tokyo where she studied Shiatsu (Japanese style massage), oil massage (Deep and relaxation), Facial and Foot Reflexology, Stepping massage and herbal hot compress massage. While in Australia, Aki studied Thai style massage and also achieved her remedial massage diploma. She has also traveled to acquire certificates in Balinese massage and Hot stone massage in Indonesia. Her speciality is combination of deep tissue oil massage, trigger point therapy, stretching and shiatsu.Health fund rebates are available with her remedial massage. (Aki is available on Wednesdays, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays)

Picture of Ava


Massage Therapist

Has had many years of training and experience in various forms of body work and alternative medicine including relaxation and therapeutic massage, breath work, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga, qigong, and aromatherapy. With over 2 years experience working as a massage therapist, she has a natural ability to help clients release tension both physically and emotionally. Ava is intuitive, sensitive and compassionate and her treatments help to purify the body, calm the spirit and relax the mind. Her calming touch and engaging presence will make you feel truly supported and cared for. Ava is committed in serving others and creates a beautiful healing space, which encourages a balanced wellbeing. (Ava is available on Tuesday ,Thursday and Sunday)