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We at HAKU in Glenelg truly do value you as the client when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Naturally we like to look beyond massage as a just a means of relaxing and want to provide you with a deeper and more meaningful level of service. This is why we have introduced our newest menu item on the massage menu – “The HAKU Japanese Style Head Massage”. With a choice between 30mins and 60mins of head tension relief, the HAKU Japanese Style Head Massage has many other benefits too.

In today’s day and age the use of digital means for business, work and personal communication is already widespread. We as a society are using computers and hand-held portable devices more and more, effectively straining our eyes and minds to concentrate. This can cause headaches, migraines, unwanted irritation in the mind and even neck and back pain. A head massage can do wonders for all of these problems. In particular a Japanese Style Head Massage effectively releases tension in muscles around the head and eye areas as well as promoting good blood circulation. For anxiety and depression management, this massage also helps to supply oxygen to the brain reducing anxiety and lifting one’s mood. Improved health, focus, and the lowering of stress levels is also obtained through a Japanese Style Head Massage.

Another little known fact about head massage is that it can even boost our memory capabilities. Often life gets busy and as a result our minds become cluttered with many different problems and thoughts. A Japanese Style Head Massage can help to declutter our thought processes, effectively slowing down our minds and allowing sensual awareness to take over. Just think of the massage therapist as pressing your minds ‘reset’ button.

There are also many additional benefits to the mind and body that a Japanese Style Head massage brings with it:

  • relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia
  • slows down fast thought patterns and a racy mind
  • promotes hair growth
  • induces a calmer mindset
  • rejuvenates the brain
  • is highly beneficial for those who suffer from over-work, worry and prolonged computer use
  • boosts the immune system
  • promotes brain health
  • eases temperament issues

So as you can see there are many positives that can be derived from just a simple head massage if done right. At HAKU in Glenelg it’s all here waiting for you. Book our Japanese Style Head Massage today and experience your minds worries and stresses just floating away.